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On this page we'll list current chapters and welcome new ones as they form.

Northeast Chapter
This was the original chapter that started the whole thing. Founded by Dave Bonta  early 2001.  Web site by David McMillen.  Dave and Dani are to the right in the picture on the first page of the Vermont Chapter web page.
Maine  - contact:  Willow
 WV, KY, VA, PA, &  MD !
                           contact:  Sue
                   contact: Bruce 
North Carolina  - contact: Jim
Covering Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and southern British Columbia.
               contact: DianeH
         contact: Judy
                 contact: Becky
Future sites:
Mountain & Plains Chapter
North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wyoming, Colorado.
North Atlantic
Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island,  New Jersey, & Delaware.
North Central Chapter
Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan.
South Atlantic Chapter
Georgia  &   Florida.
South Central Chapter
Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama.
Southwest Chapter
California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico  &  Texas.

Future areas.

Welcome New Members!

Here we'll include some information about new members, such as:

areas covered, link to website, contact info.

Additional space for info.