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Events 2007
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Upcoming Events for 2007: workshops, get-togethers, renewable energy fairs, and sustainable living festivals....   a little something for everyone!

                check here for local events
   Here in Philadelphia there was a gathering on Independence Mall, with speakers, live music, and a number of exhibition booths.  Also, mayoral candidate Michael Nutter addressed the crowd, proposing to make Philadelphia a leader among green cities.
April 19-21  GreenBuilding Exposition   Verona, Italy
April 21-22  Chicago Green Festival    Chicago, Illinois
April 22      Earth Day  (actual events may be on other dates)
                   EarthDay Network
                   International Earth Day
                   Wilderness Society Earth Day
                   Earth Day Canada
April 27-29   North Country Sustainable Energy Fair  Canton, New York
                         near Asheville, North Carolina
                Coventry, Rhode Island
                    Portage, Pennsylvania
                     Custer, Wisconsin
     I attended this year, volunteered to help during setup and also did a 3-hour shift doing garbage patrol.  Had a good time, hot weather with occasional showers to cool things off, attendance over 19,000, came back with renewed hope and interest...  working on my own small pv solar system, and tended to the yard work...  building the compost pile, watering the cherry tree and flowers from the rainwater buckets, and just enjoying the fresh air and country life.
Fair picture album at MREA 2007.
July 07       Live Earth   - a 24-hour, 7 continent series of concerts to
                     help combat global warming
                   Tinmouth, Vermont
July 19-22   Grey Fox Music Festival    Ancramdale, NY
July 21-22   Hybridfest   hybrid car showcase     Madison, Wisconsin
July 22-25   Cob Building Workshop     University of Manitoba
                                                     Winnipeg, Manitoba
July 27-29  Sol-West Renewable Energy Fair    John Day, Oregon
August 9-12   Gathering of the Vibes     dance to the music!
                        Bridgeport, Connecticut
                       Oregon, Illinois
August 18-19  SolFest XII     Hopland, California
                        Fletcher, North Carolina
          SEE Expo Photo album        also some personal notes of the event included under the Photos page link.
September 08-09   I-Renew Energy Expo      Solon, Iowa
September 15   Sustainable Living Fair    Columbia, Missouri
                              Fort Collins, Colorado
September 21-23  Common Ground Country Fair    Unity, Maine
                         Kempton, Pennsylvania
                              Columbia, Missouri
                             Fredericksburg, Texas
                        University of Manitoba,     Winnipeg, Manitoba
October 06    ASES National Solar Tour    check here for events
                         Lexington, Kentucky
October 12-20   Solar Decathlon    solar home competition
                          Washington, D.C.

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