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Fairs, Festivals, Work Parties, Get-togethers...  a little something to remember them by.

MREA  2002 - Midwest Renewable Energy Associatoin
  Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Fair  in Custer, Wisconsin
       Album 1       Album 2       Album 3
VAEF  2002 - Vermont Alternative Energy Festival
  in Randolph Center, Vermont
  the focus is on bio-diesel fuel, with vehicles on display along with
  veggie-oil conversions, and the sound stage is powered by a
  bio-diesel fueled generator.  Enjoy the food, the music, the exhibits.
  ...  and learn about sustainable energy!
       Album 1       Album 2       Album 3 
Canton Energy Fair 2003 - in upstate New York.
  Local energy fair with a tour of local homes.
       Photo album
Photo album of pictures from SEE Expo 2007, Asheville, North Carolina.
       SEE Expo 2007
Personal Notes from See Expo 2007:  Asheville, North Carolina
Well, I managed to make it down to North Carolina this year. I got there a day early and volunteered to help out once I got my tent set up. That day I played Guardian of the Gate.. actually more of a traffic cop directing people which way to go.
      It was nice to see familiar faces again...   I met the BackHome Magazine crew...   Ned, Richard, Angela, Joanne, Don... down at the campground there was Sarge to help people check in and keeping an eye on things for everyone, there was Ted directing set-up, Maggie and Chris running the information table and co-ordinating the vendor booths, and so many others that I met and knew for a few days. 
      Thursday night Mother Nature treated us to quite a light show.... though only a few drops came down.  Friday was showtime!!  The gates opened, the vendors were ready, and the workshops were on.  I attended several workshops including Starting Simple with Solar, Rainwate 101, Retrofitting for Building Perfomance, and Radiant Slab Floor Systems.  I look for topics that I can use now, and also for information I might use as I remodel my old house.  Mother Nature  treated us to the seemingly obligatory severe weather event, it really poured!!   The vendor displays were mostly in the indoor arenas so the fair continued with no problem...  the outdoor workshop tents simply relocated indoors to the arena seating area...  and basically you were 'stuck' in the building you were in until the rain let up...  darn!  have to check out all those vendor booths, and visit the food booths...  I had a two-fisted black bean burrito that was fantastic!  But as bad as the storm was, they only lost one workshop tent which collapsed, and I got some water in my personal tent.  I use an old shower curtain to wrap my stuff up in so all I had to do was mop up the drops and puddles and I was fine.  I learned the hard way  though!!!  Once, years ago I camped out rather carelessly and got absolutely flooded...  a soggy sleeping bag is no fun!  That night I slept in the car and spent the next day drying things out. Since then I pack my shower curtain with my tent.
     Saturday morning was a misty mountain morning, with the grass wet with dew.  I washed up early (there are showers on the fairgrounds) and walked down to the J&S Cafeteria about a mile away for a good breakfast. In the evening we enjoyed a nice dinner with the BackHome Magazine crew.  Garlic spinach stuffed shells was the main course with 3 levels of garlic.  Of course I sampled all three!  It was a pleasant way to finish a busy day...  eating and chatting with friends and enjoying the sunset.   Later that evening we had bluegrass music from the Southern Exposure band, as well as some drums from people who wandered over.  The guy with the bagpipes was asked to put them away since they really tend to carry.   Well, as you know it, time flies when you're having fun...  and we got busted!!   Seems that some people actually wanted to get some sleep that night,   and who knew it was already 2 in the morning!!  
     I managed to get enough sleep to make it through the day Sunday...   by the third day you're dragging since there's just so much to see and do...  and you really have to limit yourself.  But I'd have to say it was a good time....  and I even managed to learn a few things.    Sayyyyy,   did you know that you get more power from your PV array if you mount it on the roof??   After all, that's 18 feet closer to the sun!  Makes sense, doesn't it?           heheheheh!!!!   I'd better stop before I get clobbered...   just joking there!  
      Guess I'll wrap this up... I'd like to thank the Expo people for helping to spread the word on sustainability, and I plan on expanding what I do as I can... and to talk about it to people I know..  plant a little seed here and there, and try to lead by example...   I've included some pictures in the photo album here..  check them out if you like!    Take care...   DaveH

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