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Welcome Winter Sunset

to the BackHome Chapters new home.
This site will be the central directory for all the chapters.  As each area chapter forms or spins off a state it will be listed here.  To access the chapters use the "Regional Chapters" navigation button above to go to the links page. Then click the chapter button of your choice.

Personal introduction:     I am Dave Haig, a member of the New York chapter, and as the webmaster for the BackHome Chapters website I have the honor of carrying the torch and continuing down the path opened by David McMillen.  Member input is always welcome, whether a short story about a project, a useful tip, information on an upcoming event such as a work party, a fair, or a get-together, and remember the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words!   I will try to work material into the site in a timely manner.  Please keep in mind that this site is a continuing work in progress.  Thank you for your support and patience as this site develops and grows. 


Recent Updates:    

  • Added several music links - the Live Earth concert, and a couple of festivals.  You may be able to meet the Solar Bus folks at the festivals... this is a rolling demo site for renewable energy... learn something and have fun too!
  • Added a link to the Hexayurt Project - affordable disaster housing with intriguing concepts directly applicable to low impact, sustainable living.
  • Added a link to Good Search - a charity fund-raiser search engine.  I designated the MREA group myself since I support them and that's where I found out about it.
  • Added a timely summer link for Heat Stroke Prevention, as well as several links to green burial information and a carbon footprint calculator. 
  • Added links to a couple of events at the University of Manitoba, the Energy Star site, one for permaculture, as well as a number of sites related to the PassivHaus concept, and a link to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore directory where they sell used & surplus building materials.
  • Added a photo album of scenes from this year's MREA 2007 fair.
  • Added a photo album and notes of the SEE Expo 2007 under the Photos page link.



Please note that the BackHome Chapters in America and BackHome magazine are entirely separate entities. Affiliation is only through common interests and goals. The ideas and opinions expressed are solely those of the author and not necessarily those of the website editor nor of the BackHome staff, and articles and opinions expressed in the magazine are at their staff's discretion only.


Site created:  June 10, 2004